Monday, July 31, 2006

Small Business Ideas

Four major types of small business are: manufacturing, service, wholesale and retail. Each of these has its own characteristics.

The Manufacturing Business

This is conversion of raw materials into a useful product. Beginning a manufacturing business requires a big amount of capital and it is most suitable for a large business with more resources. But on the other hand this business can create a tremendous financial return, often above 20 percent.

The Service Business

Those businesses sell personal skills rather than products to their clients. Typical examples are: the barber, daycare centres, repair shops and consultants. The service business requires a limited amount of capital investment and can be operated from home. Recently, there has been a trend to franchise service business.

The Wholesale Business

This is something in the middle between manufacturers and retailers. You should buy products, store them and then resell to retailers or to the costumers.
For wholesale is important that wholesaler is skilful for doing such a business, he can manage well good’s delivery and clients service.

The Retail Business

Retailers buy products from manufactures, wholesalers or other distributors and sell them to the consumer. Small business dominates this area. There are many different kinds of retailers – from small grocery stores to variety stores to specialty shops. One of the key success variables for these firms is a convenient location.

There are a few good ideas for starting Small Business with a limited amount of capital:

Easy Photography Home Business

Office Cleaning Business

Office Cleaning Business

Starting a Child Daycare

Starting a Child Daycare

Starting a Catering Business

Starting a Catering Business

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Welcome to Best Small Business Opportunity and Finance blog

The intended audience for this blog is any individual who is interesting in starting or has recently started a business. Small Business Finance blog will be designed to satisfy the needs of people who have a limited business knowledge and for those who are prepared to move on to more sophisticated operational techniques.

About 50 percent of new businesses fail within two years of start-up of the reasons has been the lack of knowledge how to start and operate small business.

Operating a small business is not a simple task and that will not change,but for those who choose to start,this can be the most rewarding "adventures" of their life!